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VGNYsoft partners up with Hit Save!

New York City, USA 02.15.2023 - VGNYsoft is very pleased to announce their new partnership with game preservation organization, Hit Save! Given our company is all about the importance of preserving the legacy of independent gaming via the usage of physical media, we understood the significance of their goal. With this new partnership, VGNYsoft is looking to give even more back to the community!

A critical component of VGNYsoft’s founding philosophy has been the preservation of indie games through the power of physical media. The non-profit organization Hit Save! has a closely related purpose, illustrated by their mission statement, “To advocate for, initiate, support, and maintain video game preservation efforts through community-driven projects.” In the spirit of our mutual goal, we are proud to announce the formation of a partnership between our two organizations.

Through this partnership, we will be committing physical assets from our releases to their archive, as well as helping to raise awareness about their project while providing support and expertise to build out their tools. Together, we will work to provide gamers with the necessary systems to actively participate in the preservation of their hobby for future generations.

The goals of this partnership extend beyond just preserving the games themselves. Printed materials, creator interviews, and other facets of game culture will be archived and preserved so that future gamers will be able to study the full history of the games of yesteryear as well as the people who made them. We are very excited to be able to collaborate with this great organization and preserve the unique history of indie games.

One of the main projects that Hit Save is currently working on is their initiative to preserve independent gaming. One of their methods is to interview several indie game developers and have an in-depth discussion about their current game, past titles they've made and the process of developing a game. If you want to check out their previous interviews, you can check it out here:

Here is a view of the many projects that Hit Save is currently working on:

The people who will benefit the most from this partnership will actually be the players as we're doing our best to ensure that gaming history is preserved for years to come and that every generation can experience the same joy of gaming that we have.

Keep an eye out on our socials for more upcoming information:

If you wish to know more about Hit Save and their mission, check out this link:

If you want to help support Hit Save, visit this link:

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