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Super Trench Attack is here. Enroll in the World War. Start your training and fight.

Super Trench Attack is a goofball comedy shooter based in a World War setting. Engage in a fearless fight against Black Army’s oppression and help end the World War. Super Trench Attack is an action packed, fun RPG, dual stick shooter. Enrolled in the Green Army, Boot Camp is your first stop. Start your training & gather special items. As a rookie you have to master new techniques and weapons to achieve your mission.



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  • Region Free (will play on all systems worldwide)


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Title: Super Trench Attack

Type: Arcade, Action, Adventure, Shooter

Players: 1

Expected Release: August 2020

Platform: Nintendo Switch EUR


Developper: Storybird Studio

Publisher: Pixelheart

Super Trench Attack [Nintendo Switch]



    This item is limited to 1500pcs for the North American Cover variant of the European Production. Each copy is individually numbered to endure authenticity and quantity restrictions. 

    By contract, this title will not be reprinted and is strictly limited to 1500pcs by contract. 

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