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PRESS RELEASE: Xenocider for Sega Dreamcast

New York City, USA 05.30.2023 - We are proud to announce that VGNYsoft will be releasing Xenocider for the Sega Dreamcast!


Xenocider is a third-person rail shooter inspired by arcade classics and presented in nostalgic 32-bit style!

The game tells the story of Xara, a cyborg from a remote planet turned into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Thanks to her superhuman strength, speed and combat skills in extreme environments she is the perfect choice for the job. Choose your weapons and explore 7 different worlds featuring alternative paths and hidden secrets. .


  • Game mechanics: easy to play, difficult to master.

  • Completely customizable controls.

  • Supports arcade stick, VMU, vibration pack, and also the official Twin Stick!

  • A brand new, made from scratch engine called Dreamer.

  • Stable 60 fps!

  • 7 worlds with alternate routes… and much more.

  • Upgradable skills.

  • Unlockable game modes and achievements!

  • A rocking soundtrack by producer and keyboardist Juanjo Martín.

  • 480p and VGA support - Supports HDMI & VGA Cables


Destroy everything in your path and prove that you are, in fact, the ultimate Cyborg!

Xenocider is currently available for purchase!


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