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PRESS RELEASE: Liberated North American for Nintendo Switch

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Liberated for Nintendo Switch.

New York City, USA 02.01.2021 - Publisher/Distributor VGNYSoft continues to expand their physical catalog with Liberated for the Nintendo Switch. Liberated will be released in Europe featuring a certificate of authenticity, flier, and sticker. Each game will be individually numbered to maintain transparency on the product size.


Liberated is a story-driven game set in a dystopian cityscape, and society has advanced to a point where you are always online, with technology empowering the ruling class. However, there is a group of Liberated individuals fighting back against this authoritarian government. This is not a battle of Good vs Evil but a story about people and their subjective truths.

Game Features:

  • Hand-drawn graphic novel art style

  • A mix of stealth, gunplay, and platforming

  • Seamless transition between combat and story cutscenes

  • Individually Numbered!

  • EXCLUSIVE VGNYsoft Cover limited to 1500pcs!

Enhanced Edition Includes:

  • 2 additional story DLCs

  • Full English voice-over

  • Gameplay enhancements.

VGNYsoft Release also Includes:

  • Exclusive Liberated Flier

  • Exclusive Liberated Sticker

  • Certificate of Authenticity

In this dystopian world, take the paths that suit you because in this world, there is no good or evil, just gray areas all over the map. Liberated: Enhanced Edition is currently available for purchase!

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