PRESS RELEASE: Liberated North American for Nintendo Switch

Updated: May 1

Liberated for Nintendo Switch.

New York – February 1st, 2021

Publisher/Distributor VGNYSoft continues to expand their physical catalog with Liberated for the Nintendo Switch. Liberated will be released in Europe featuring a certificate of authenticity, flier, and sticker. Each game will be individually numbered to maintain transparency on the product size.


Liberated is a story-driven game set in a dystopian cityscape, and society has advanced to a point where you are always online, with technology empowering the ruling class. However, there is a group of Liberated individuals fighting back against this authoritarian government. This is not a battle of Good vs Evil but a story about people and their subjective truths.

Game Features:

  • Hand-drawn graphic novel art style

  • A mix of stealth, gunplay, and platforming

  • Seamless transition between combat and story cutscenes

  • Individually Numbered!

  • EXCLUSIVE VGNYsoft Cover limited to 1500pcs!

VGNYsoft Release also Includes:

  • Exclusive Liberated Flier

  • Exclusive Liberated Sticker

  • Certificate of Authenticity


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