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PRESS RELEASE: Andro Dunos 2 physical release for North American release for Nintendo Switch

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

New York City, USA 03.28.2022 - We are proud to announce that VGNYsoft has partnered with PixelHeart to continue their collaborative catalog and distribute the physical release of Andro Dunos 2 for the Nintendo Switch.


The sequel to the famous shoot’em up from Visco studio is coming to PixelHeart. It’s time to bring out your good old spaceship fighter in ANDRO DUNOS 2.

Once upon a time…

Andro Dunos (アンドロデュノス, in japanese) is a side scrolling arcade game from shoot’em up category (Shmup).Developed by Visco and Distributed in 1992 by SNK ON Neo-Geo MVS and Neo-Geo AES. Licensed by PixelHeart since 2020.


Some 28 years have passed since the Earth Defense deployed Yellow Cherry and Red Fox to stop the imminent invasion from an unknown alien race. 52 light years away on the edge of our galaxy the threat has reared its ugly head again and this time they mean business.

There’s just one thing to do, dust off the finest Earth Defense ships ever made and send the alien scum packing. It’s apparent that these relics from a war time that was forgotten had seen better days and only one ship the Yellow Cherry could be saved using parts from Red Fox which was critically damaged in the war of the past.

Are you up for the task of saving the earth?


  • Flexible and efficient gameplay

  • Recover power ups by killing enemies

  • Music composed by Allister Brimble (Alien Breed, Body Blows, Project-X, Colonization, Driver or Superfrog).

Welcome to SHMUP TOWN! Population you... and us! Andro Dunos 2 is currently available, don't miss your chance to physically own this fantastic indie revival! #BuyPhysical

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