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PRESS RELEASE: Tanuki Justice North American for Nintendo Switch

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Tanuki Justice for Nintendo Switch.

New York City, USA 01.04.2021 - Publisher/Distributor VGNYsoft continues to expand their physical catalog with Tanuki Justice for the Nintendo Switch. Tanuki Justice will release in North America featuring an exclusive new cover, certificate of authenticity, flier, and sticker. Each game will be individually numbered to maintain transparency on the product size.



Title: Tanuki Justice Type: Action/Platformer

Players: 1 - 2 Expected Release: Q1 2021 Platform: Nintendo Switch UPC: ESRB: EVERYONE (10+) Developer: Wonderboy Bobi Publisher: Pixelheart / VGNYsoft

Description :

Tanuki Justice is an intensive run 'n gun in which you play as one of two tanuki siblings. You'll face hundreds of enemies in feudal Japan across various environments and landscapes and find yourself challenging scenarios reminiscent of good old arcade games. Gameplay is easy to learn, yet difficult to master, allowing for flexibility in combat. A two-player co-op mode is also included for double the fun! You’ll also face powerful bosses that will challenge even the most skilled players, but there is no greater foe than time itself!

Key Features:

  • Dynamic gameplay with visuals that fit the atmosphere.

  • Dozens of different types of enemies.

  • Classical shuriken's over the head and a giant shuriken for difficult moments.

  • Playable in single or two-player mode.

  • Individually Numbered!

  • EXCLUSIVE VGNYsoft Cover limited to 1500pcs!

  • ESRB RATED - North American Release

VGNYsoft Release also Includes:

  • Exclusive Tanuki Justice Flier

  • Exclusive Tanuki Justice Sticker

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Practice your shuriken-throwing skills and prepare to save Japan from an army of malicious yokai. Tanuki Justice is ready to run n' gun its way into your home as it's available for purchase!

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