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PRESS RELEASE: Zero Strain for PlayStation 4

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

New York City, USA 07.05.2021 - We are proud to announce that VGNYsoft has partnered with Eastasiasoft to continue their collaborative catalog by releasing a physical production of Zero Strain for the PlayStation 4. Pilot your construct through challenging arenas full of enemies, blowing away bosses in this futuristic shoot'em up!


Zero Strain is a fast-paced shooter set in a series of top-down arenas, where strategic use of offense and defense are critical to surviving each challenge. MOBA elements are mixed with frenetic shoot’em up action for a unique and rewarding experience in neon wireframe presentation.

Each of the “constructs” you pilot offers a different array of armaments that are charged by the damage you deal, allowing you to deploy more powerful abilities against the strongest foes! Strategize on the fly to take down enemy waves and reach uncharted dimensions!

Game Features:

  • Balance offense and defense in MOBA-inspired combat!

  • Pilot a variety of ships, each with 3 unique weapons and a passive ability.

  • Charge weapons faster by dealing damage efficiently.

  • Evade enemy bullets as they fill the screen in shoot’em up style.

  • Observe and react strategically against challenging bosses!

  • Limited to 2000pcs serialized

  • North American Production

  • ESRB Rated

Become immersed in colorful sci-fi techno-scapes as you progress through the levels of Zero Strain. The End is destroying all the space stations and you and your construct are the only hope! Your enemies will try to blow you down, but with evasive maneuvers and strategic shooting, you can defeat them all!

Don't miss out on this exciting arena shmup title and try to save the universe while mowing down waves of enemies. Order your copy of Zero Strain today as it's currently available! #BuyPhysical

Welcome to our Eastasiasoft X VGNYsoft Collection!

We’re incredibly excited to showcase this partnership between VGNYsoft and Eastasiasoft. Our collaborative lineup features unique physical game releases specifically selected for North American audiences. With the combined expertise of Eastasiasoft’s publishing prowess, and VGNYsoft’s sale and distribution experience, we’ll be offering incredible physical indie titles to add to your growing personal library!

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