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PRESS RELEASE: Finding Teddy II North American for Nintendo Switch

Updated: May 1, 2021

Finding Teddy II for Nintendo Switch.

New York January 20th, 2020

Publisher/Distributor VGNYsoft is at it again with the release of their second physical title for Nintendo Switch. Finding Teddy II will be available to purchase on the VGNYsoft website with each copy being individually numbered and retailing at $34.99 USD.

Description :

Finding Teddy 2, is the new 2D nightmare adventure / action game with a pixel art retro twist.

A little girl enters a portal to a world of fantasy called Exidus attempting to save her favorite plush friend…

In Exidus, King Tarant rules over his kingdom with the love of his subjects. But this harmony creates envy and hatred among the most malicious subjects. Anguis the Magician decides to usurp the throne and takes control of the land. To prevent all creatures from escaping Exidus, Anguis the Magician seals the gates, and hides the four crystal eggs spreading them all over the kingdom. The little girl is trapped in Exidus, but can’t accept her faith. She embarks on a quest to save the Kingdom from all evil. Help King Tarant escape from his prison, and return the crystals to their rightful places where their common energy enables them to open up the gate and defeat Anguis.

In this side scrolling platform adventure, you will need to upgrade your equipment and fight the evil forces of Anguis the Magician. Your mission will be complete when you’ll find your way out of this nightmare.

Game Features:

  • 20+ Hours Main Quest, and many Side Quests

  • Beautiful Pixel Art Finish that takes us back to the 8-16 bit era, with modern effects.

  • Unique use of music with the Musicom.

  • A high level challenge and difficulty that all gamers will love.

  • Region-Free (will play on all systems worldwide)

VGNYsoft Release also Includes:

  • Exclusive North American VGNYsoft cover

  • Individually numbered

  • Limited to 1,500 copies

  • Exclusive Finding Teddy II Flier

  • Exclusive Finding Teddy II Sticker

  • Certificate of Authenticity

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